Joseph admires femininity and beauty,he is aware of the importance of skin condition, emotional equilibrium and balanced life style to the integrity and beauty of women. He founds VÖODÖOMÖI and leads the atelier to evoke the innate wellness of women, and dedicates it to his muses, the close female friends in his life. 

Joseph believes in life a seamless journey whether he is stationed or traveling. A born ardent explorer for style, art, culture, and connection, Joseph naturally becomes a hotel junkie, an artful community host, and cultivated guru de luxe. He is also a luxury travel contributor for leading magazines 


Joseph is also a medical doctor and clinical researcher. His solid academic background, together with that of the professional team of VÖODÖOMÖI, inspires trust and guarantees no hoax in the image created by VÖODÖOMÖI.   




Josh, a masterful gent who knows senses and enhances sensation. He joins the atelier and creates various iconic scents with Joseph. 

Josh is also a medical doctor, and a valued colleague of Joseph and SHUANG-FENG.



Stephanie is from a family linked to the industry of high fashion. Graduated from NEEC Japan, she masters in visual. Stephanie is invited by the VÖODÖOMÖI team to craft visual themes and to deliver the ethos and essences of this young, highly anticipated brand. 

Stephanie is also a renown photographer of life style, and loved consultant of VÖODÖOMÖI